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About Sribadam

Sribadam is a beautiful forest village located at an altitude of 1,821m above sea level. The village lies in West Sikkim which falls within Rinchenpong constituency. Lush green forests, rivers, waterfalls, a meditation centre, holy water wheel and monasteries envelope the village of Sribadam. It is an area rich in natural beauty; the village itself is covered with 85% forest, giving it a unique green and tranquil atmosphere.

Sribadam is considered by people as the ultimate destination for inner peace and meditation. Sribadam is a small but a well maintained forest village, comprising of around 239 households with total population of 1127. The Sikkimese tribes of Bhutia, Lepcha, Limbo, Gurung, Rai etc. make up the population of Sribadam which has a geographical area of 237.910 hectares. The settlement oversees the famous Samduptse (Namchi) on the opposite hill with the river Reshi flowing through the gorge below.

This area is a source of fresh water for many places in Rinchenpong constituency. Sribadam is significant for its nature, customs, traditions, culture and religious heritage, all of which are unique to Sikkim. The word Sribadam was actually Siribatam meaning open space or flat land in the Limboo tribal language. The ethnic customs and rituals of Sikkim can be observed and experienced within the village. It is also well known for the festival of Phurpa Thordo Puja and the Authentic Cham Dance (mask dance). Sribadam is located in a remote valley just 42km away from Darjeeling and 35km away from Pelling. Trekking to Varsey Rhododendron wildlife sanctuary and Singalila National Park from Sribadam is easily accessible and should be a part of any stay in the area.